Youth Advisory Committee

Broomfield Community Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee (or YAC) supports local nonprofits and charitable organizations through fundraising events, grant making and volunteering.

The Youth Advisory Committee is comprised of students in grades 9–12 who live or attend school in the Broomfield or surrounding area.

What does the Youth Advisory Committee do?

  • Needs Assessment: the primary goal of the YAC is to empower youth to be grant makers-- problem solvers in the community who are involved in local philanthropy. A needs assessment is undertaken each year in which members identify problems in our community as they relate to youth, as well as potential resources and solutions. The needs assessment includes interviews and guest speakers- local nonprofit leaders identified by the students. The assessment will then guide the funding decisions made by the YAC later in the year.
  • Fund Development: the Broomfield Community Foundation has established a small charitable fund to be managed by the YAC.  Members are responsible for helping grow the youth fund by planning and participating in fundraising events. Members may also help find potential donors to contribute to the youth fund.
  • Grant making: The central role of a YAC  is to recommend grants to be given out to local nonprofit and charitable organizations. Members develop a grant making strategy with the guidance of the BCF staff and committee advisors. Grants are distributed to the chosen groups once per year.
  • Community Service: Members are encouraged to volunteer at least 10 hours of their time to a local nonprofit of their choice.  YAC members will also collectively choose and participate in regular group service activities at different organizations to better familiarize themselves with the broad range of needs throughout the Broomfield area.

What is the time commitment?

  • Attend monthly workgroup meetings, which are held one Sunday each month from September through May. Each meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes. Attendance at meetings is mandatory with a limit of 3 absences for the year.
  • Plan for and participate in YAC fundraising events and service opportunities.
  • Complete at least 10 hours of community service per year with an area nonprofit of your choice (outside of YAC service projects).
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