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Broomfield Community Foundation iGIVE365 - One Dollar yields Thousands and Thousands and Thousands!

Your investment of just $1 a day provides:
- Thousands of pounds of food provided to residents in need from Broomfield FISH, Project Angel Heart and We Don’t Waste,
- Thousands of hours of rehearsals and performances at BackStory Youth Theatre and Broomfield Council on Arts & Humanities,
- Thousands of items of clothing, school supplies and other basic essentials provided by A Precious Child,
- Thousands of Broomfield elementary students participating in summer camps and field trips to Thorne Nature Experience,

… and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Broomfield Community Foundation also funds over 50 other remarkable nonprofits to support local Arts & Humanities, Civic, Education, Human Service and Seniors. When you partner with Broomfield Community Foundation, you are joining a larger collective network of donors, nonprofits, community leaders and residents committed to strengthening our community and creating a larger impact together.

Join us by becoming an iGIVE365 member today with a minimum pledge of just $30 per month or $365 per year!

Together, we can do more.

$1 a day can make a difference.
iGIVE365 is a program of the Broomfield Community Foundation to encourage individuals to discover the satisfaction of philanthropy and the collective impact it can have on Broomfield. This innovative program provides members with the opportunity to pool their money and, for a dollar a day, to make a significant, positive impact on our community. Members are exposed to a wide range of social issues and the community-based efforts and organizations working to address them.

How do I become a member?

Join any time during the year by clicking here and commit to giving $365 – a dollar a day – to make an impact on the Broomfield community Your membership will be good for 365 days and will renew after 1 year. Those daily dollars are pooled with others. You can pay with a one-time annual donation of $365 or through monthly installments of $30 or more.

How are your dollars spent?

The money contributed by members goes towards grants in the upcoming year.

(*In 2017, BCF funded 65 local non-profits and initiatives that directly impacted our residents in the following areas: Human Service, Arts & Humanities, Seniors, Civic and Education)

Once per year each Fall, iGIVE365 members will have the opportunity to collectively select the philanthropic projects and programs that are most important to them.  Based on member feedback and the top areas of interest, 6 finalists will be selected to submit video applications for a $10,000 Impact Grant, and members will vote to select the most compelling need.

This year, the Foundation did not have enough resources to fund the amount requested by the 60+ area non-profits’ grant applications.  If only 329 individuals signed up as iGIVE365 members, we could fully fund the requests that came in this year.  Think of the impact each iGIVE365 member could have.

Once you join, how do you get involved?

Watch your dollars at work. We announce the grantees and Impact Grant finalists in September, and you will get to see a year's worth of impact and progress. We will keep you updated on the status of the grants, provide an opportunity to view final reports and hear success stories of the programs we fund, have an opportunity to participate in iGIVE365 member service projects and site visits throughout the year with featured grantees.

When you partner with BCF, you are joining a larger collective network of donors, non-profits, community leaders and residents committed to strengthening our community and creating larger impact together.

Philanthropy is not a “condition” of the wealthy; it is a spirit of sharing for anyone. Together, we can all make a difference. As Broomfield continues to grow, we each have a responsibility and role in preserving the quality of life we all value, while advancing opportunities for all.

274 donors who become Give365 members will add an astounding $100,000 to our annual grant distribution—we fund over 60 charitable organizations and initiatives that directly serve Broomfield residents, those who address the needs of our community in the areas of: Arts & Humanities, Civic, Education & Youth, Human Services and Seniors.

Can my company get involved?

Businesses that want to encourage community involvement and giving among their employees need look no further than iGiVE365.

• Some companies have actively encouraged employees to join and have either fully or partially matched employee memberships. Others have chosen a particular amount they are willing to donate and matched all new employee memberships up to that amount. Smaller companies have sponsored one or two employees at the $365 level so that employees could participate without paying anything.

• Businesses can become Business Impact Members by joining for $365/ month (or an annual payment of $4380).

iGIVE365 Members

Curt Anderson
Jorin Bale
Sridhar Bandaru
Bill & Wendy Bangs
Lawrence Beck
John & Beth Bosio
Gary & Pam Chambers
Doug & Pamela Champion
Tim & Jeanie Clifford
Cindy Combs
Carolyn & Peter Crouse
Emily Crouse
Robert Lucas Currin
Tina Eichner
Donald Engelstad
Doug & Kris Foulk
Lisa Gouran
Kimberly Groom
Lisa & Lowell Herman
Claire & Grayson Hofferber
Jennifer Hoffman
Grayson Horn
Robert & M. Marie Hoyle
Information Systems Integrators, Inc.
Kevin & Keri Jacobs
Steven & Lynn Jeffers
Stan & Amy Jezierski
Casey Kantor
Tony Kassel
Alice M. Kidney
Oksana Kovalenko
Debbie & Paul Kunz
Richard & Mary Lane
Keppen & Jennifer Laszlo
Leslie Hatridge Ltd
Lockhart Witte Giving Fund
Jill & John Long
David Manley
Albert & Ann Marie Manzi
Brenda Mares
David Massy
Sharon McDermott
Kerry McGlynn
Connie Miller
Dotti Moyer
Kelly Mundt
Geraldine Pearson
John & Carrie Pepperdine
Lance Perryman
Sheila Preston
Prime Industries, Inc.
Russ & Jo Ramsey
Kari Reiquam
Fred & Amy Rombyer
Bonifacio Sandoval
Leah Sarno
Kurt & Julia Sava
Tim & Shelley Schafer
Susan Schutt
Dayna Scott
Elaine Shannon
Joe & Karen Smith
Karen & Todd Steele
Greg & Kathryn Strong
Christina Surprenant
Jeff & KT Taylor
Sam & Sara Taylor
John & Patsy Thompson
Rebekha Tilbury
Tanner Tweten
Dale & Mardi Unruh
Ben & Katherine Vagher
Andrea & Craig Wallace
Heidi Wallace
Bunny Watkins
Jadene Wescott
Dion & Jon West
Marianna Williamson
Martin & Pamela Zadigian