Publicity Guidelines

How to acknowledge the Foundation in any publicity or supported programs.

2022 Heart of Broomfield Awards

When the good news of the grant you received from the Broomfield Community Foundation is publicized, the benefit is widespread. The work your organization does in the community receives attention, the Broomfield Community Foundation is recognized for its contribution, and other organizations learn about our grant programs and are encouraged to contact us.

When the Broomfield Community Foundation makes a grant, the media are usually more interested in hearing directly from you about the people who will benefit rather than receiving a press release from the Foundation. Because you are most familiar with your organization’s programs, your outcomes in the community, and the impact the Foundation’s support will have, your help is invaluable in effectively spreading the word about your grant projects.

You agreed, in the General Grant Terms and Understanding that you completed at the outset of the granting process, to acknowledge the Foundation in any publicity or supported programs. Following are suggestions which will help you accomplish this:

  • Include news of your grant in any publications you produce for internal or external distribution, such as newsletters, brochures, annual reports, printed programs, etc.
  • Issue a press release about your grant and send to the Broomfield Enterprise, Our Broomfield, Broomfield Leader, or any other media entity that covers the Broomfield area.
  • Send us copies of any grant-related media coverage that results from your efforts.
  • Within 45 days of receipt of your grant check, send a short, personalized story about your grant and how it will be used. This story may be used in a future Broomfield Community Foundation newsletter.
  • Social/ digital media acknowledgement via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Broomfield Community Foundation staff and/or Grant Committee members will help you by:

  • Brainstorming ideas with you for getting the word out about your grant.
  • Helping you target the appropriate methods for publicity.
  • Provide your organization with a cling sticker, 'Proudly supported by the Broomfield Community Foundation,' to display
  • Reviewing your news releases and other publicity materials.
  • Being available for an interview, if appropriate.


Our name: Please always refer to us as the Broomfield Community Foundation. Do not use the abbreviation BCF. If you have received a grant from an individual fund of the Broomfield Community Foundation, our award letter will specify the exact name of the fund that should be used in any recognition, e.g. “A grant from the XYZ Fund of the Broomfield Community Foundation.”

Description: Please use the following “boilerplate” paragraph to describe the Broomfield Community Foundation in any publicity:

The Broomfield Community Foundation was established in 1993 to create an ongoing source of funds for local charitable organizations. It is a vehicle for community philanthropy that enables individuals of both modest and substantial means to help “build a community with heart.” For more information, please contact the Broomfield Community Foundation at 303-469-7208 or visit the web site at

If you have any questions, please contact Marianna Williamson, Executive Director of the Broomfield Community Foundation at 303-469-7208, or by email at