Forms & Instructions

Please read this page for important information about applying for grant funds from the Broomfield Community Foundation.

  • Broomfield, Colorado
  • Camp Wapiyapi
  • Association For Community Living

Thank you for considering a grant from the Broomfield Community Foundation. The Broomfield Community Foundation currently awards grants for programs that benefit Broomfield citizens in the following areas:

  • Civic Projects
  • Human Service Programs
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Senior Citizen Programs
  • Educational Programs

Innovative programs and/or collaborative initiatives in these areas are always of particular interest.

The Broomfield Community Foundation’s 2020 Grant Cycle is now open.  If you are a new applicant or have not received a grant from the Foundation since before 2018, you will need to register as a new applicant.  Please see information below for instructions on how to apply for a grant.

Instructions for Previous Grant recipients: (those who received a grant in 2018 or 2019 through the Annual Grant Cycle)

  • You should have received an email from Janell Daly on July 2, 2020 with an Access Code.  If you have not received that email, please contact Janell at to request the code.
  • Go to Log in page
  • If you do not remember your log in information, DO NOT create a new account.  If you do not know your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.  If you do not know your Username, please contact Janell Daly at email above.
  • When you log in, you will NOT see the 2020 Grant Application.  Please click on the ‘Apply’ button, at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Then, on the top right, it will ask for an Access code, which Janell has provided to you by email. If you did not receive the email with the access code, contact Janell Daly.  Do not use the code in the instructions on the log in page, or you will be required to start from scratch and complete a new Letter of Intent (LOI).
  • Once you type in your individual Access code, the 2020 Grant Application for Current Grantees will appear.


Instructions for New Applicants: (Anyone who did not receive a grant from the Broomfield Community Foundation in 2018 or 2019 is considered a New Applicant)

  • Go to Log in page 
  • Click “Create New Account,” and complete the required information.  Be sure to keep this log in information for your organization’s records.
    TIP: This email address is the one we will use to communicate with you if we have questions, which sometimes require immediate response. We suggest using an email address that is available to anyone at your organization who needs to access the application.
  • When you log in, you will NOT see the 2020 Grant Application.  Please click on the ‘Apply’ button at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Then, on the top right, it will ask for an Access Code. Type in BCFAPP2020  
  • You will be directed to complete and submit a brief Letter of Intent (LOI) to ensure eligibility.
  • LOIs will only be accepted until July 30th at 5:00 pm.
  • LOIs are reviewed within 24 hours of being received. After your LOI is reviewed, you will be contacted with the next steps in the application process:
    •  Either a note that you do not qualify to apply; or
    •  Access to the 2020 Grant Application for New Applicants


Additional information

To be eligible for funding, the applicant agency must:

  • Submit a completed Broomfield Community Foundation Grant Application including all required attachments;
  • Provide legal documentation of its 501(c)(3) or equivalent tax-exempt status; and,
  • Sufficiently demonstrate that services will be provided to Broomfield residents.
  • If you are working with a school or other organization within the community, provide a letter(s) of support from them that show they desire your services.
  • If using a fiscal sponsor, include the following:
    • The memorandum of understanding or the contract between the organization and the fiscal agent/fiscal sponsor.
    • Financial attachments
      • Organization Budget
      • Current (year-to-date) financial statements
      • Year-end financial statements, audit and Sources of Income Table
    • Proof of IRS federal tax-exempt status for the fiscal agent/fiscal sponsor, dated within the last five years.
    • Board of directors list for the fiscal agent/fiscal sponsor.

Funding Restrictions:

  • Funds must be used for Broomfield residents.
  • Funds may not be used for religious programming/activities, for proselytizing activities, or for the purchase, development or distribution of materials or information that promote a particular religion or faith.
  • Funds may not be used to lobby for or support political issues or candidates.
  • Funds cannot be used as grant for individuals.
  • Funds cannot be used for trip and/or event sponsorships.

Documents to be Submitted:

  • Annual Report
  • Anti-Discrimination Statement
  • Board of Directors List
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • Key Staff List
  • Most Recent Audit
  • Most Recent Year End Financial Statement
  • Fiscal Sponsor Information

Grant Timeline:

  • May 15th- 2019 Final Report deadline
  • July 2nd – Application posted
  • August 1st- Grant application deadline
  • August- mid-September – Committee review and interview period
  • October – Grants will be announced and distributed

*Out-of-cycle grants that are time sensitive may be considered on a case by case basis.

Past Recipients

If you have previously received a grant from the Foundation, a Final Report or an Interim/Progress Report must be submitted in order to be considered for another grant.
See this link to log in and file your final or progress report for 2019: Final Reports.

Who do I call if I have questions filling out the forms?

If you have questions regarding completing this form, about information that is required for submittal, or about the suitability of a proposal, please call 303-469-7208 or email the foundation office at: