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The Annual Heart of Broomfield Awards recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the community of Broomfield.

  • Beth Murphy (Photo by David Jennings, Broomfield Enterprise)
  • Steve & Paula Reynolds (Photo by David Jennings, Broomfield Enterprise)
  • Anna Wilcox (Photo by David Jennings, Broomfield Enterprise)
  • Karen Nelson (Photo by David Jennings, Broomfield Enterprise)

Listed below are the winners who were recognized at last year’s 2018 Heart of Broomfield Awards. Tickets are available now for the 2019 Heart of Broomfield Awards, which will take place April 8, 2019.

2018 Heart of Broomfield Awards

Arts Award – Mary McIntire
Recognizing a community artist or a supporter of the arts.

Education Award – Angela Finan
Recognizing an educator (teacher, principal, counselor, volunteer or activist).

Community Service Award – Mark & Bobbie Clapper
Recognizing a community volunteer or non-profit staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Philanthropic Award – Polly Tasset
Recognizing an individual who opens up their heart and wallet to support a Broomfield non-profit organization or program

Youth Award – Callista Zaronias
Recognizing an outstanding community member, age 18 or younger.

Gene Frank Award – Jeff & Laura Ditges, Source Communications
Recognizing a business person who has been a major community donor. In memory of Gene Frank, a man who virtually defined the term corporate citizenship in Broomfield and was a vice president of Rocky Mountain Energy.

Angel Award – Boni Callaway, Mobile Food Pantry
Recognizing an individual who has shown extreme passion and dedication for a Broomfield non-profit organization/program.

Heart and Soul Award – In remembrance of Cody Steven Oser
Recognizing an individual who quietly gives of themselves to their neighbors, local groups and even strangers, and whose actions are the epitome of a community with heart.

Walter P. Spader Leadership Award – Steve Cuss, Discovery Church
This award is new this year and is to honor the memory of former mayor and community leader Walt Spader. In the future, this award will be given to a proven leader whose energy, passion, sense of humor and wisdom has made Broomfield a better place.

Senior Award – Bev Swenson
Recognizing an outstanding community member, age 65 or older.


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