At the Broomfield Community Foundation we believe in the combined power of community, generosity and philanthropy to create a greater Broomfield for us all.

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At the Broomfield Community Foundation, we know that positive change happens when people come together for common good. Although we each have our own passions and purpose, we are defined by the connections between us. We know that when we all give, we all rise. We are stronger together than alone. Together, we can uplift and inspire a high quality of life for us all.

Our value statements:

  • Trustworthy: The Broomfield Community Foundation shall be known for its integrity and conduct worthy of public’s trust.
  • Respectful: We shall conduct all business to demonstrate our respect for diverse and divergent opinions.
  • Responsive: We shall be responsive to the needs of the community and responsible in granting of charitable funds.
  • Integrity: Our stewardship shall be above reproach and conducted with the highest standards of integrity and adherence to the best practices of the management and distribution of funds.

In 1993, a group of local officials, business people and private citizens, identified five areas of concern: education, the arts and humanities, human services, senior services, and civic projects. They founded The Broomfield Community Foundation by pooling charitable contributions from across the city to ensure that there would be financial support for our Broomfield non-profits to provide the necessary activities and services.

Grants have been awarded by the Foundation every year since 1994. These grants are only used for programs and services that help the community of Broomfield. In this way, our citizens benefit and the quality of life in our community is enhanced.

The services and activities of the Foundation are vital to our growing community…and, we want to assist in providing even more in the future! Our board, which is made up of a cross section of volunteer Broomfield citizens, and our staff, constantly seek to identify new or changing issues and to find resources to address those needs. Today, a number of citizens and groups are considering the establishment of new funds to serve particular needs in the Broomfield community.

A group of local professionals are volunteering their time to inform individuals, businesses, and groups in the community about the value of including a charitable piece in their estate planning, allowing for the greatest benefit to those who mean the most to them. The Foundation staff and directors continue to encourage all of our citizens to support the Foundation’s efforts and come together to make a significant difference in the Broomfield community.

The Broomfield Community Foundation is well equipped to help preserve and enhance Broomfield’s unique community character and to help citizens follow their heart for now and for the future.