Legacy Fund

The Broomfield Community Foundation Legacy Fund is the community's permanent endowment fund. It was started by a challenge from Jack TerHar, Jr. in 1999. He was joined by Wells Fargo, Vectra, Aerosuds and Shirron, Inc. in asking the community to meet a match in order to eventually raise $1,000,000. That goal was achieved in 2013 and beginning in 2014, we have been able to use 4% of the earnings annually to give additional grants.

  • Broomfield, Colorado

An endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal amount remains intact and invested for long-term growth.  The Foundation uses the interest earned to invest in nonprofits to strengthen their impact in Broomfield.  Since reaching our initial principal goal in 2013, this impact has been an additional $350,000!

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