General Operating Fund

Unrestricted donations allow the Board of Directors of the Broomfield Community Foundation to respond to grant requests from various nonprofit and grassroots groups that serve the changing needs of our growing Broomfield community.

  • Thorne Nature Experience In-School Program

Join a strong, supportive network of nonprofits and donors and partner with the Broomfield Community Foundation today! Our mission is to create more effectual, impactful, and resonant change within our community, and we need you to do it! We understand the essential role that both nonprofits and the donors play in building a more dynamic and prosperous Broomfield, and that’s why we’re here! To support you!

Together, We Can Build a Better Broomfield

From the arts to human services, civic projects, senior support, and education, we seek to help nonprofits and donors generate more profound change within the areas they’re most passionate about. Through our active network of partners, donor education, and grantmaking, we aim to provide the support and resources nonprofits need to strengthen and enlighten our community as a whole.