Broomfield Buddies

Broomfield Buddies exists to support social emotional learning and mental health of children and youth in Broomfield.

About Broomfield Buddies:

Our work began in the spring of 2013 after a meeting at the Broomfield United Methodist Church. The community was reeling in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy and wanted to come together in proactive response. Following a number of visioning sessions, Broomfield Buddies was formed. We strive to bring together members of the faith community and non-profit organizations to come alongside schools and support children’s social, emotional, and mental health. We are a designated fund under the Broomfield Community Foundation.

Why are we doing this work in this way?

Why are we doing this work in this way? With continued school funding challenges in Colorado, the theoretical support for children’s social, emotional, and mental health does not match the monetary support. Our previous work involved fundraising to hire elementary school counselors in BVSD Broomfield Schools. We have since expanded our scope of work to all schools in Broomfield. We want you to be thought partners in this vision and action.

Tracy Stegall, Co-Founder, Broomfield Buddies; Retired Principal, Birch and Aspen Creek PK-8 Schools- Boulder Valley School District; Retired Executive Director of Teaching and Learning--Thompson School District

Samara Williams, Co-Founder, Broomfield Buddies; Principal, Emerald Elementary-- Boulder Valley School District

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Vision and Action:

  • Build Advisory Board
  • Plan Fundraising Events
  • Create RFP Process for Broomfield Schools to apply for grants supporting projects rooted in social emotional learning and mental health
  • Co-Create Additional Projects with Community Involvement

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2018: Grassroots fundraising to begin our "Boots on the Ground" Grants
  • 2018: First grant funding cycle- twelve grants allocated
  • Fall, 2019: Recipient of $10,000 from 100 Women Who Care from Broomfield
  • 2019: Second grant funding cycle- 25 grants allocated

Next Steps:

  • Fund drive- late spring, 2023
  • Fundraising Event Planning- late spring, 2023

Over the course of the last five years, we've funded over sixty projects here in Broomfield County. Click HERE for a list.

As you read through these projects, you may have questions about the scope of particular projects. We welcome the opportunity to engage in conversation about the amazing work happening in Broomfield County schools that has been funded through Broomfield Buddies. Reach out directly to us at to set up a time to chat.

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