We leverage our knowledge and expertise in philanthropy to create a more vibrant community.
We Don’t Waste


We leverage our knowledge and expertise in philanthropy to create a more vibrant community.

  • We Don't Waste

How you can help:

Since our inception in 1993, The Broomfield Community Foundation has granted over $3M to nonprofit organizations working in the areas of civic projects, human services, arts & humanities, seniors and education. When a donor establishes a donor advised fund, he or she may recommend where grants from those funds are directed.

We provide donors with a wide range of philanthropic tools, resources and pathways to fulfill their goals, create meaningful impact or leave the legacy they've always imagined. To learn more, please click the links below.

Active Grant Funds

General Fund - Partners in Philanthropy
This is the general operating fund for the Foundation.  The fund also supplements the Foundation's annual grant cycle.

Endowment - Legacy Fund
The Broomfield Community Foundation's main endowment fund. Interest from this fund provides approximately 1/2 of grant funding for annual grant cycle.

Community Impact Fund
100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the Foundation's annual grant cycle, in which approximately 60 nonprofit organizations who directly serve Broomfield County are funded. iGIVE365 donations reside in this fund.

Other funds:

Ann Montague Memorial Endowment
An endowment fund established by the estate of Ann Montague in Ann’s memory, a former Foundation Board member.

Blanchard Family Fund
A donor advised fund.

Broomfield Buddies
Broomfield Buddies exists to support social emotional learning and mental health of children and youth in Broomfield through all schools.

Broomfield Housing Fund
This Field of Interest Fund addresses our local housing crisis and will provide grants to local service providers such as Broomfield FISH, Flatirons Habitat for Humanity, and others who are working on solutions and serving local residents in need. Local experts from nonprofits and government agencies, alike, agree that affordable housing is the single biggest challenge facing our community.

Broomfield Humanitarian Fund
The Humanitarian Fund is designed to provide financial resources to those individuals and families displaced from their country of origin due to military conflict, natural disaster, persecution, or other qualified reasons, who have settled in Broomfield. Due to significant global conflicts, natural disasters, and extreme unrest, there has been an increase in the displacement of individuals from their home of origin to Broomfield. These families have connections to Broomfield residents either as family members or they served alongside our military members who live in Broomfield and need to be close to their family, co-sponsors, and/or cultural mentors.

Collaborative Emergency Sheltering Fund
The Collaborative Emergency Sheltering Fund Help provides immediate, short-term, emergency hotel vouchers for our vulnerable neighbors. These include victims of domestic violence or other crimes, and residents displaced by severe weather or other emergencies, but during our statewide “stay-at-home” order in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we temporarily allocated 100% of donations to this fund to those who are staying in a vehicle, on the street or doubled or tripled up with other families due to hardship, as they otherwise have nowhere to ‘stay-at-home’ or shelter in place.

Daniel the Lion Fund
Field of interest fund to benefit community members impacted by loss or hardship.

Disaster Relief Fund
This fund is only used in the case of a community disaster, and throughout 2020-21, funds were designated for Relief and Recovery efforts of the COVID-19 crisis. 100% of funds raised were granted out on a monthly rolling basis to nonprofit organizations who are directly serving Broomfield residents impacted by the pandemic.

Dustin Peterson Memorial Fund
This is a donor advised fund established in memory of Dustin Peterson.

Frenzel Family Fund
A donor advised fund.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of Broomfield
This designated fund gives grants to help with programs and operating costs for this local non-profit.

George DiCiero Scholarship Fund
Established to honor Mr. DiCiero’s long and dedicated service as City Manager of Broomfield, this permanent endowed fund supports an annual 4-year scholarship to a Colorado university or college.

Health & Wellness Fund
This Field of Interest Fund supports initiatives related to the health & wellness of Broomfield residents.  This funding will provide grants to local service providers such as Mental Health Partners, Community Reach, and others who are working on solutions and directly serving local residents in need. Access to quality mental health care and education remain at the top of the list of challenges facing our community, according to our local nonprofits, healthcare community, service providers and public health officials.

Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Fund
A donor advised fund in memory of Jessica Ridgeway.

Leonard Rudolph Fund
This is a field of interest fund that was established to benefit patients, survivors and caregivers of those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Spallone Family Fund
A donor-advised fund established by the Spallone family.

Special Needs Fund
This fund helps those in need when there are no resources or resources have been exhausted.

S & S Johnson Fund
A donor advised family fund.

Walzak Combs Family Fund
A donor advised family fund.

Youth Advisory Fund
A fund to aid the efforts of the Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee.