Who We Are

We Are Broomfield's Leading Partner, Resource and Voice for Philanthropy since 1993.
Home Builders Foundation

Empowering Broomfield for Greater Outcomes

As Broomfield’s leading partner, resource and voice of philanthropy for more nearly 30 years, we connect the passion, interests and energies of donors, nonprofits, community leaders and residents with our knowledge, expertise, relationships and resources to amplify the impact and generosity of our community and create a stronger, more vibrant Broomfield for us all.

Since 1993, we’ve invested more than $3.8 million into our community, assembled a $1.7 million community endowment and strengthened over 100 community nonprofits.

Together, we can enhance and enrich our community through the power of generosity and philanthropy, changing lives and creating hope and possibilities for all.

Why We Matter

  • We Are Broomfield's Leading Resource for Philanthropy: We help individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit agencies achieve their charitable and financial goals by providing tools and resources that make philanthropy easy, flexible and impactful.
  • We Are a Knowledge-Source on Community Needs. We have long, deep ties to our community and have an in-depth understanding of the community's challenges and the groups individuals addressing them to effectively bridge donor interests with community needs.
  • We Are a Community Connector connecting donors, nonprofits, community leaders and residents to strengthen Broomfield together.
  • We Are a Thought-Partner and Problem-Solver working with community members to tackle issues impacting our community today and into the future.
  • We Are a Trusted Steward of community and donor investments bringing the highest standards of integrity and adherence to the best practices in the management and distribution of funds.
  • We Are a Catalyst for Impact. We leverage our knowledge of community, philanthropy, asset management and grant making to amplify the generosity of others and create a stronger community for all.