Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

We are looking for youth entering 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades who have exhibited the potential to be leaders and who have an interest in representing the youth in their community.

  • Brunner House
  • A Precious Child Fill-A-Backpack Program
  • Junior Achievement High School

Youth Advisory Committee candidates must be willing to participate on a committee that will assess the needs of youth in the City & County of Broomfield, participate in fund development activities for grant money, and help decide and recommend which programs to grant money to, to ensure that it is used to respond to the needs of youth in the City & County of Broomfield. The youth advisory committee will meet once a month and committee members will probably be expected to help coordinate other activities, too.

Youth Advisory Committee members should demonstrate:

Leadership Potential and Social Skills
These should be developed to the point that the youth can gain the respect and trust of his or her peer group, show empathy for others, be willing to listen to and be considerate of other’s input, and be willing to share opinions with others.

The ability to make a commitment to a goal and follow through with tasks associated with that goal.

The youth is not already committed to a variety of other activities that may conflict with this service.

Community Service
The youth has exhibited concern for or participation in community service in the past.

Openness to working with adults
He or she has exhibited a willingness to respond to adult mentoring efforts.

Potential for personal growth
The youth may be at a turning point in his or her development, and can use this experience as a springboard toward a new self-concept. At-risk youth at times are most aware of the needs of city/county youth and have the most to gain from participating in this type of community service.


YAC meets once per month at a mid-late afternoon time on Sundays. There are also occasional community service projects and other program related time commitments.


Please download and complete the following documents and return by email, fax, postal mail or deliver in person to the Broomfield Foundation offices during normal business hours.

Documents are in Microsoft Word format.


Application for Youth Advisory Committee
Required Letter of Recommendation